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The Dongola Reach Survey and Tombos Excavations were made possible by the generous financial support of James and Louise Bradbury, who provided the principle funding for the former and substantial funding for the 2000 season at Tombos. Additional support was provided by William and Francis Cahill, Nancy Delgado, Jan Bacchi, and Connie Swanson Travel. The 2002 season at Tombos was in part supported by a Social Science Research Grant from ISBER at UCSB, and the 2005 season was supported in part by a UCSB Academic Senate research grant. The 1998 season in the Dongola Reach benefited from a UCLA Ahmanson Field Research Grant, and the Tombos excavation was in part supported by a grant from the UCSB Academic Senate. The work at Tombos has also been supported by the National Geographic Society (2002, 2005, and 2010), and the National Science Foundation (2009-2011). The Fourth Cataract Salvage Project has been funded by two grants from the National Science Foundation (a High Risk award in 2003, and a joint Archaeology/Bioarchaeology award in 2007-2010), three grants from the Packard Humanities Institute (2007-2010) and grants from UCSB's Academic Senate and ISBER.

The companies below have also supported the project through discounts, loans and donations of equipment. To become a sponsor of the Tombos Excavations, please contact Prof. Smith






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