Dongola Reach Survey

From 1996-98, a team led by Stuart Tyson Smith conducted intensive reconnaissance surveys in the Dongola Reach along the West Bank of the Nile running 140 km south to Khandaq. Over a hundred sites were visited, building on and extending the earlier survey of Edwards and Osman from 1992 to 1994. Sites from the Neolithic through the Medieval (Christian and Islamic) periods were noted, including quarries and large rock art sites at the Third Cataract itself. Much of this area had never been systematically investigated. Artifacts found during the survey can be seen in the Survey Artifacts page.

1997 Staff: Bruce Beyer Williams (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago), Julie Renée Anderson (Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto), Antiquities Inspector Al Tahir Adam Al Nur.

1998 Staff: Patti Hill Rabbitt (University of California San Diego), Antiquities Inspector Ali Almirghani Mohamed Ahmed



Photo Album

Survey in the Sahara, 1997

From the Dongola Reach survey: Egyptian 5 piaster coin, Islamic glazed ware, and European transfer print ceramic

Pyramid at Tombos

Scarab of Ramses II