132 TS - Ceramic Analysis in Archaeology

Brief Introduction

This class will provide students with an overview of how ceramics are used in archaeology. It will demonstrate how studies of this important material category allow anthropologically oriented archaeologists to learn about the people behind the pots. Topics will include pottery manufacture, classification, stylistic and functional analysis, scientific analysis, chronology, production and exchange, ceramic consumption and socio-political organization.

Syllabus for 132TS
Assignment Checklist

Societies Handout
Typology Report Guidelines
How to Cite

Required Texts

Readings will be assigned from the following (see Course Schedule for specific assignments):

Approaches to Archaeological Ceramics.
Carla Sinopoli. New York:
Plenum, 1991.

Pottery Analysis. A Sourcebook Prudence M. Rice. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1987)