INTE 94GZ - Mummies, Myths, and Magic: Surviving Death in Ancient Egypt (Freshman Seminar).

Brief Introduction

The ancient Egyptians spent a great deal of time and effort preparing for the Afterlife, making mummies and providing them with the equipment that would allow them to live forever.  Mummies have been a source of fascination for centuries - witness most recently the success of Universal's remake of "The Mummy."  So what makes a mummy?  What was the most important funerary equipment for a successful afterlife?  Just how much did immortality cost an average or above average ancient Egyptian?  Drawing upon my own work for the recent Mummy movies, and archaeology at Luxor's Theban Necropolis and in Sudanese Nubia, we will explore some modern myths and the fascinating insights we can gain from mummies and their equipment.

Syllabus for INTE 94GZ

Mummy Movie Critique Guidelines
Ancient Egyptian Chronology

Spell to "pull yourself together" from the Pyramid Texts
Hetep Di Ensu Offering Forumula to feed the dead

Web Resources

Kent Week's Theban Mapping Project Interactive maps of the Valley of the Kings and loads of info on the Theban Necropolis make this one of the coolest sites around!

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo and for animal mummies check out

The British Museum for more general thematic presentations and games for children, but for more serious browsing see their online catalog Search for mummies and check out their virtual mummy exhibit tour!

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Egyptian Department

The Petrie Museum at University College London

University of Chicago, digital Smith, Royal Mummies.

Everything (and more) you wanted to know about New Kingdom royal mummies, including pics of the mortal remains of Pharaohs and Queens:

Lots of general info about ancient Egypt at

Required Texts
Articles on ERES - see syllabus for details, Password = veto
Web Article St. Louis River Front Times: Out of Egypt
From a long-buried pyramid to the Saint Louis Art Museum: The mysterious voyage of the Ka-Nefer-Nefer mask.
Web Article Archaeology Magazine: Unwrapping Brooklyn's Mumies. How CT scans produced much more than fancy images of bones.
“They did take it with them.”
Stuart Tyson Smith. KMT Magazine,
Vol. 2:3, 1991, pp. 28-45.

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