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Midterm Essay

Due by 5 pm, Friday, April 22, HSSB 1003.


For this assignment, you will be required to write a four-six page paper in which you evaluate a site report. To do this, you should begin by carefully reading the report, paying special attention to certain issues. First, identify the research objectives of the project. What questions were the investigators asking? Second, discuss the methods used to reach those objectives. How did the investigators go about collecting the data needed to answer their research questions? Third, discuss the data themselves. What kind of information was collected, and how did the investigators analyze their data? Were the data collected appropriate to the research questions? Finally, decide whether the findings of the project are justified given the methods chosen and the data collected. Try to suggest some methods that the investigators could have used in their project, and show what kind of data they could have collected using these methods. Do not just summarize the site report. Keep summaries limited to half the total paper length. What is most important is a critical overview using information you have learned from the course readings, lectures, and web exercises.

You may choose one of the following site reports:

Crow Canyon: Albert Porter Pueblo- focus on the Annual Report, 2004 Field Season.

Mike Parker Pearson of Sheffield University's project on Madagascar - note that this is a less formal web based report.

Remember that this paper is worth 25% of your grade.

The required paper length should run approximately 4-6 pages, with content covering the
first three weeks of the course. Be sure to indicate your name, section and TA on the
cover page
that you can download from the web site. Full information on the specification
for the essay and our evaluation procedures, which include grammar and style, are given in
the Study Guide introduction and Writing Guide, and include the proper use of citations. If you need or want help with your essay writing, either talk to your TA during office hours or take advantage of the CLAS tutoring service.


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