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Extra Credit Opportunities


You can get extra credit for attending up to one Museum exhibit and up to one lecture listed below by writing a 2 page essay, earning up to two points towards your final grade (four points maximum).

Attend ONE of these special exhibits below and write a 2 pg. Essay/Review for up to 2 points Extra Credit. Be sure to attach your ticket stub.

Warriors Tombs and Temples: China's Enduring Legacy – Bower's Museum, Santa Ana.

Enter the great tombs and temples of the powerful, and the cunnning men and women who ruled imperial China in a landmark exhibition drawn from China's most important archaeological excavations assembled in cooperation with seven leading Chinese institutions. Through Sunday, March 4, 2012.

Contested Visions in the Spanish Colonial World - Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Under colonial rule, Amerindians were not a passive or homogenous group but instead commissioned art for their communities and promoted specific images of themselves as a polity. By taking into consideration the pre-Columbian (Inca and Aztec) origins of these two vast geopolitical regions and their continuities and ruptures over time, Contested Visions offers an arresting perspective on how art and power intersected in the Spanish colonial world. Through Sunday, January 29, 2012.





Archaeologists often play a role in disputes over sacred places, and that is certainly the case for Jerusalem. ?Attend this lecture and write a 2 pg. Essay/Review for up to 2 points Extra Credit. ?

Ron Hassner Sharing Jerusalem's Holy Places
Monday, February 6, 7:30 pm, Free
Santa Barbara Hillel, 781 Embarcadero Del Mar

Holy Places creaet the potential for military, theological, or political clashes, as evidenced by the ongoing struggle over Jerusalem. Drawing on this recent book War on Sacred Grounds, Ron Hassner argues that sacred sites are particularly prone to conflict because they cannot be divided. The management of confilcts over sacrred sites requires cooperation between religious leaders who can shape the meaning and value that sacred places hold for believers.

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