Pottery, etc.

Mycenaean flask with
painted decoration
Wheel-thrown pottery, typical middle to late New Kingdom Egyptian design

One of our most remarkable finds at Tombos was two intact Mycenean flasks like the one shown here. These pots carried precious oils all the way from mainland Greece, thousands of miles away. They were laid carefully at the side of mummies around the time of Tutankhamun and his father Akhenaton, over 3300 years ago. This may be the farthest south that such pots have ever been found.

Hunting scene from the
tomb of Mena at Thebes
Ebony boomerang

This ebony boomerang for hunting birds would have been considered a valuable imported item. The scene on the left shows a similar boomerang being used for hunting.


A metal razor. At the wide end of the razor (right side of photograph) you can see the remnant of the fabric in which the razor was wrapped before it was placed in the tomb.