Gwembe Tonga 2 - Introduction

One of the most significant developments that followed on the global climatic events of the Mesolithic was the gradual transformation of humans in many parts of the world from hunting and gathering to subsistence farming as a principal means of making a living. In order to give you a sense of what that transition entailed on the part of the millions of humans who have since been subsistence farmers, we have created a simulation of that lifeway based on data collected from the Gwembe Tonga of the Zambezi River region of central Africa. If you have not read the selection on the Tonga in the Anthology, please do so before proceeding. You will need to know something of the Tonga's adaptation in order to be successful in your quest for survival. The following pages will provide you with some background color and information that may be useful in the simulation. Note that some of this material is reproduced in your Study Guide.

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